Lady behind the "Matchmaker"

Emilie Marchand, Cape Town’s MatchMaker is definitely a formidable force to be reckoned with. Her drive, her tenacity and her vision that everyone deserves love in their lives, is nothing short of inspiring.

From a very young age Emilie always had an incurable romantic side to her, always knowing that one day she would have the chance to chase the dream of a career in matters of love. 

After running several successful multi-national companies, mainly in South Africa’s major sectors, Emilie was surrounded by people who were always throwing themselves into their careers and never finding internal happiness despite so much professional success.  Emilie had the understanding that something or rather someone was always missing from their souls, and that answer was love.

Noticing that no matter what the success a person had in his or her professional life, if love was missing, a connection was always longed for. Having had the same issues personally, Emilie finally discovered that love was the real meaning of life she had always personally longed for, and being loved back was nothing short of unmatchable!

Emilie’s motto has always been “being loved and loving in return is the world’s greatest gift”. Now this motto has become Emilie’s life’s mission. Emilie believes that no matter how hard the last heartache was, you can always love again. No matter how heartbroken one can leave you, the pieces can always be glued back together. 

This is where Emilie can help,  if its in the healing process or to match you with love again. 

Emilie personally meets with each one of her clients to know and understand deeply what makes them tick, what sets their hearts on fire and what gives meaning to their lives. She will make it her mission for you to meet your match. Its a simple process….start your love journey and request your appointment to